Flower Child from the 60s

Hey my darling readers, I hope all is well. I apologize on going M.I.A on you but a lot has happened since my last post. I will keep you posted and you can expect to get more regular posts now that I have finally settled down with the major move, yes, I just moved permanently to the United states and I’m really excited as I have great plans and projects up my sleeves. Its a beautiful country with great opportunities, like they say “the sky is the limit here” 🙂

For starters I have a few pictures of a look that I so damn much enjoyed putting together. I  had to attend a party yesterday and the theme was the cool 60s and it’s one of my favorite era in fashion. The 60s were all about the hippie movement, flower power, psychedelic music & art. The flower children (as they later came to be known as) believed in rejecting conventional society and advocating love ❤️, peace ✌️ & simple idealistic values! The fashion scene was laid back and comfy. The style gave a bohemian vibe and music was mostly psychedelic rock and blues rock and had mind blowing music festivals like Woodstock where thousands of people gathered and partied and listened to good music. All they wanted to do was spread peace with love and music and stop war! Hmmm… sounds like an era that I wouldn’t mind living in, simply ’cause I’m Flower child with a rock&roll soul :p


Boho Chic


Flower child with a rock&roll soul


ready to go… hippie


Yup 60s hippie


Flower Children from the 60s


Flower Child ❤


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