Something Floral…

Hey ya’ll, it’s Tuesday and all of us need a lil’ something to bring a smile on those weary “desperately waiting for weekend” faces and what better ways than looking at some pretty floral prints that somehow in an uncanny and inexplicable manner lifts up our spirits and makes our hearts go “hallelujah”…..

I know you must have heard many fashion enthusiasts proclaim or might have read in many glossy magazines that Floral Prints are the “in” thing to be sporting in spring and summer and I’m sorry but I would be saying the same for the umpteenth time. No matter how cliché it may sound and how tired you may get of these prints but one cannot help but admit that no matter what, in spring and summer it’s inexplicably natural for us to gravitate towards these darlings! And how can we even think of spending the brighter days without these prints? Life would seem so incomplete and empty! I know I might be sounding OTT at the moment but yeah that’s how strong the bond is between fashionable floral prints and spring & summer.

The fashion Gods and Goddesses i.e the legendary and talented international designers have been sending down the Runway some really breathtaking pieces with amazing floral prints. There are different types of these prints mainly the Romantic, Realistic and Abstract floral prints which have taken the fashion industry by storm. From designers like Jason Wu who played the abstract version of these prints on a black background for spring 2016 to Michael Kors who preferred bringing those bluebells to life in New York. Romantic versions of the prints are seen on the shows of Gucci, Oscar de la Renta, Alexander Mc Queen and Dolce & Gabbana in their spring 2016 collection.


I’m not asking you to ape the trend but just understand what kind of floral prints are you favorite so that you can style your pieces accordingly. You don’t need to read old fashioned and nostalgic but you can aim to look stylish and edgy if you know how to have fun with them. Here are some tips to make these prints look whimsical yet fashion forward:

  1. If you’re a girly girl I’m sure you would be fine with just keeping things simple but if you don’t like to look “Miss goody two shoes” you should keep your hair a little messy, if you can rock a bed hair that would be an icing on the cake, keep your shoes bit tough and stay miles away from pieces that are too pretty.
  2. You could also add assertive and surprising appeal to them by teaming a skirt or a pant with these vintage prints with a sheer blouse. That would definitely get those heads turning.
  3. Instead of keeping all things sweet as candy try and team these heavenly prints with darker colors to balance out the sweetness. Probably a weather beaten boots or leather jackets would add the extra oomph.
  4. Make maximum advantage of the fact that it’s festival season. With Music festivals like Coachella the boho-chic look is more in demand now and fashion pieces with floral prints are a major fashion statement. Team them up with suede and some fringe and it’s gonna do some wonders to your outfit.


Follow these simple tips and its really gonna be a game changer, so try and push away the prints that you dearly love and also don’t repeat the same styles that you have been for the last two years! Step up your game and enjoy these happy prints and I also hope you enjoy the look that I have put together! 😀



Enjoying the beauty of nature…



Hello There…



Sitting Pretty…




Out on the Highway…



The Silver wall…



Pretty lil Daisies and the Turquoise door…



Abstract floral…



Floral Dress – Korea

Turquoise Bag – Kate Spade

Nude Heels

White keds – Lane88

Accessories – Thrifted


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