Like I always say I’m an Art fanatic and Tattoos were something I had always longed to get since a really long time. It may sound cheesy but one of my friends said that this is the only thing you will take with you when you die and I think it’s true to a certain extent. So think twice before you engrave your body, you don’t wanna be taking an “Ex” with you to your grave do you? 😛

In a society like ours people still raise their eye brows when they see someone inked but there are also quite a few who adore this art of decorating their body with colorful ink with full passion. All I want to say is that, let’s not be judgmental and simply do what we like to do and that makes us happy rather than worrying about what others do or think. Talking about my experience, well, in simple words it was “priceless”! I think that the fact that it’s permanent and also because I couldn’t pick one design took me so long to get inked. Finally, I got around choosing one and I’m really pleased with it. I wanted something that reflects my roots and is ethnic but also modern and chic in its own unique manner, something that is rare and something that I could customize. Hence, I decided to get a Mandala after much contemplation as I’ve always loved the geometric shapes which are really artistic and simultaneously graphic and cool and also has a beautiful meaning behind it.

The word in Sanskrit means “Circle” which represents wholeness, balance and eternity as the measurement from the center of a circle to its edges is the same all around. It also represents a cosmic diagram reminding us of our relation to infinity, extending beyond and within our bodies and minds and the notion that life is never ending. The flower is mainly known for its blossoming nature and thus when used in these tattoos that mainly reflect life issues it can be used to show the blossoming of life. They also have a spiritual significance to many religious groups especially the Hindus and the Buddhists, where the latter often express it in the form of sand art, in which monks use dyed sand to create decorative mandalas.

After doing some research on it I now had to decide where to get it done and I couldn’t think beyond Mohan Dai’s Tattoo parlor as they are simply the best. Hence, I got an appointment fixed and sat down with my talented tattoo artist, now a friend, Vivek, who is a Mandala expert and explained to him what I wanted as I din’t want to copy any random designs from the internet and create my own unique design. My requirements for the design was pretty long and chaotic but thankfully he was able to comprehend exactly what I wanted and I am more than Happy with the final customized output. I was quite worried about the pain but gradually I got used to it and the four hours was finally over and the pain was really worth it.

Talking about the “DOs & DON’Ts” the best time to get inked I feel is the colder months as there is very less chances of getting an infection and also since it’s mostly covered the ink gets more time to settle in before it’s exposed to the sun. Likewise, if you also intend to get a Mandala on your body then just understand that due to their geometric nature, mandala tattoos look best on a flat area of the body such as the back or chest. Lastly but not the least be 110 percent sure before you get printed because once you have it there is no looking back!

So now that my Ink has set in I thought it was high time I share my experience with you guys and did a shoot with my amazing team. I hope you enjoy the pictures and also get inspired to do what you like to do and appreciate art…  😉




Reaching out for the stars…







Mandala Ink…


_MG_3599 - Copy







All Black everything…OOTD…



And… its a wrap! (this is a random pic clicked by Trish when we were just fooling around after the shoot. I had to post it ’cause it reminds me of the good times and how much fun we have during the shoots with the team) Love you guys 😀


Pencil leather skirt – ASOS

Lace Corset – Forever 21

Peep Toes – Thrifted

Watch – D&G

Accessories – Thrifted


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