Celebrating this beautiful phenomenon called LIFE – III (A beautiful mess)

It’s exactly a year now since the unwelcomed guest visited us and gave us a shock of a lifetime which we will never forget! I can literally picture myself enthusiastically narrating this scary experience to my grand children some day. Apparently, there were some pointless rumors everywhere saying that the Mother Nature would move again but thankfully seems like she decided not to…

The last year has been pretty rough on Nepal and I’m proud to say that we’ve always had our spirits high and stood united. Although, the government has not done anything to repair the damages and rebuild the country, the people have been very positive and standing tall with their heads held high, making the best of the resources that they have and setting an example for the entire humanity. The ones who are well off somehow have been able to move on, desperately trying to forget the horror of the 25th of April of last year but it’s heart breaking to see the underprivileged lot still suffering and still hoping for some assistance from the government. The aid they received from the various NGOs and INGOs and many kind souls was without a doubt life saving but obviously not sufficient as the damage was of immense magnitude. Hence, I hope their prayers are heard and they find a permanent solace soon.

During our recent visit to the rural areas in the outskirts of Kathmandu, we came across innumerable ruins and broken houses which was very depressing and they seemed to be telling their own stories. This post in dedicated to all the Nepalese who have been strong and helping out each other and hoping to see happiness and prosperity flourish in this beautiful land in the majestic Himalayas. Yes, our country is a mess but it’s nothing but a “Beautiful Mess” which we cherish and love from the bottom of our hearts…

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