Celebrate your Individuality

Hey Darlings,

I hope you had an awesome weekend and feeling rejuvenated to face the challenges the new week has to offer. I personally love weekends (Well, who doesn’t? Duh!….) I relish indulging in things that I love to do and not worry about deadlines and targets. It depends on my mood what I end up doing, sometimes I sketch up a new design or put up a new garment, catch up on my reading or do a movie marathon, work on my blog or do some research, spend time with my family or go out with my friends, or simply do nothing and just chill :p ….. It’s weird how I can be so different at times, I can either be a totally out going party animal and ready to party or go out at a drop of a hat or a total grandma who just loves to snuggle up in bed with a favorite book or a movie with a hot cuppa tea and my munchies. Well, I guess that makes me an ambivert….. or what the heck, I guess that simply makes me, “ME” 😀 So let’s not get caught up in categorizing ourselves or others and celebrate our individuality (read weirdness) and not be embarrassed about it.

Talking about individuality and weekends, I personally think it’s one of the best times when one can spend some quality time with oneself and do some soul-searching during these off days. The entire week passes by with so much going on and so much noise and ciaos that by the end of the week I personally just feel like shutting the world out and dwelling in my own world of fantasy, art and peace… One such weekend was when I recently went to a small and charming city of Kirtipur, located in Kathmandu Valley which is around 5km southwest of Kathmandu city with my squad. It’s popular for its historical monuments, the traditional Newari houses and the narrow lanes reflecting traces of the rich culture and ethnicity that was strongly prevalent in the yester years. Likewise, this city is also considered to be the haven of traditional “Newari Cuisine” and foodies and food enthusiasts from all around come here religiously whenever they crave for the unique taste and feel like pampering their taste buds. I always enjoy the peaceful ambience there and it gives me a sense of calm and the food is like a cherry topping :p

Since, my close friend Trishna is also my official photographer we are majority of the times together and are pretty spontaneous when it comes to shoots (provided she has the camera on her). So luckily, it was a beautiful day and the ambience was so appealing we couldn’t stop ourselves from clicking a few snaps! I really dig soaking up the sun and getting my dose of Vitamin D in the fall so I couldn’t ask for more. The look is very simple and comfy and cozy and it was sometime in February, I hope that explains the layers. I’m wearing my black stretchable pants which are warm and comfy as a pajama, white V-neck knits from Uniqlo which is soft as cashmere, my oversized camel brown coat and my trusty leather boots.



I see beauty in the ruins…



Kirtipur – catching a glimpse of the yester years….. 



Soak up the Sun…



Kirtipur – Walking down memory lanes…



It’s getting cold outside



Black Pants – Lane 88

White V-neck knits – Uniqlo

Oversized camel brown coat – Lane 88

Leather Boots – Lane 88

Bagpack – MCM

Watch – Fossil


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