The Perfect Harmony – Black, White & Grey!

“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.”
… was what Coco Chanel once said and it’s absolutely true. Nothing is as perfect as the amalgamation of Black and white; it’s the ideal and the most classic representation of the play of hard and soft. However, due to the fact that we are in the 21st century I think it’s high time we spice things up a little bit more. Hence, I tried to keep things a little more contemporary by adding a few shades of grey to keep the look and color theme cohesive.

In my last post I went pretty loud with my red-alert traffic stopping bold outfit! 😛 This time around I have kept the color palate very basic yet classic. The temperature seems to be slightly rising so for the brighter days I have put this look together for you guys. I’m wearing a very pretty lace detailed skater skirt that I designed myself (unfortunately, the details are not very visible in the pictures L you will have to zoom in). I have wrapped myself up in an extremely warm and luxurious faux fur sweater which is light as a feather and soft as the clouds themselves (literally) and underneath it all is a basic full sleeved top. It’s still chilly hence can’t dare to go out without my tights, so I got one from forever 21 in grey which apparently is adding more cohesion to my OOTD after which I chose my favorite grey suede boots to keep those toes protected. To complete my look I’m wearing my new D&G watch, angel wings neck piece, golden hoops and my vintage golden finger ring that my mother gifted me.

I hope you guys enjoy the pictures and stay tuned for more and yes have an amazing weekend! Lots of love and best wishes J




Gone with the wind…




Light as a feather, Soft as a cloud…











Faux Fur Sweater – Lane88

White Lace Skater Skirt – Sumi G

Grey Tights – Forever 21

Grey Suede Boots – Lane88

Watch – D&G

Black Leather Sling – Accesorize

Vintage Gold Ring (Asharfi)



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