Street Fashion meets Street Art – II

I just can’t express my love for art and creativity! Look around and you see beauty and inspiration everywhere, we just need to open up our eyes…

The recent chaotic situation in our country is extremely depressing and it’s a shame how the so called political leaders are still not being able to sort out this situation. Anyway, all we can do is hope for the best and be an optimist and look at the brighter side of the whole scenario and console ourselves by counting the health benefits as there is less pollution and people are walking more. Personally, although I would always prefer driving or riding (in a perfect world) I don’t mind walking a little distance sometimes. I have been walking a little around my locality during the weekends and when I go for my workout sessions. And it might sound surprising but I do enjoy it a lot and realized I kinda missed walking as I used to jog and walk a lot couple of years back. It was then when I came across this some really cool street arts and I just couldn’t resist sharing the picture with you guys. You know how crazy I’m about street fashion and street art as I have written about it previously (read here)

These pictures were taken on a weekend when my close friend Trishna, who also happens to be my photographer, was strolling down the streets of Kathmandu. When we came across this really cool piece of art which I was eying since pretty long we simply had to “do the drill”. I’m wearing a button down suede skirt with a simple plaid top, my trusty old leather jacket and my chunky heels which are really comfortable. Hope you enjoy reading and the pictures, happy midweek  XOXO

_MG_1770 _MG_1772 _MG_1777 _MG_1793 _MG_1797 _MG_1699


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