Keeping it casual…

Hello Lovelies,

Since, autumn is here already it’s time for us to gradually transition towards the colder months. So, it’s that time of the year when we need to sort out our closet (yet again!). Bring out those leather jackets, the comfy oversized knits, the extra flannel, suede boots and many more fun things! However, it does get a little confusing sometimes as the mornings and evenings are chilly and the days are pretty scorching. Hence, if you want to be in a “win win” situation then it’s always smart to carry an extra flannel or a thin outer to ward off the chills when needed and which can be easily carried in your bag or simply tied around the waist when the sun is over your heads. It’s always better to be prepared for all you know you might be stranded in a forest, life is unpredictable and you never know what’s up next. :p

For me fashion does not necessarily mean glamour, or the urge to follow the current trends and   that’s one of the main reasons I am a fan of Street Fashion. I feel it has no rules and people just wear what they like to wear and I believe fashion is nothing but an expression of one’s individuality. Instead of blindly aping the trends it’s always better to know your own fashion aesthetic and one should experiment and just be yourselves and street fashion is something very close to that. I personally like to experiment with my looks and I always tend to gravitate towards edgy and bold. I won’t say I dislike formal wear but yes I ain’t crazy about it either.

This post features something you would usually find me in, a casual outfit, starring a pair of shorts and a simple top. Recently, we had gone for a drive outside the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu city and it was worth it. It was really peaceful and the pastures were green and the sun was shining happily. Luckily, we had our camera on us and took a couple of shots which I think has done justice to that beautiful day. I had been waiting for the fall to try out my new pleather shorts, hence, with the sight of the first fallen leaves on the ground I shimmied into it. I paired it with a simple white top and stepped into my comfy grey-white wedges. I also tied a flannel on my waist just in case it gets breezy in the eve’. It’s a very simple look that any one of you can carry and looks super cool and effortless. I hope you all liked it and I’m super excited for fall so I have more posts coming up. Make sure you stay tuned! Have an amazing week ahead and keep it casual and chic!


I like my new found sweet spot. #Tyre #seat #Casual




Do you wanna go for a hike up that winding path? :p


Pleather Shorts – H&M

Shoes – Charles & Keith

Flannel – Thrifted

Basic white top

Watch – Fossil

Leather Bagpack – Lane 88


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