Growing up in the 90s I never got an opportunity to experiment with the fashion trends of that time as I was too young! Likewise, childhood was not my most fashion-conscious era like many of us. It’s the time when we are not even aware about the actually meaning of the terms fashion and style and all my outfits (and I mean literally every single piece) were handpicked by my Mom. As a result, I always ended gawking up with hopeless admiration at my sisters and seniors in school nonchalantly flashing the latest styles that were totally legit. Hence, my happiness knows no bounds as now after many years the 90s fashion is back to life again…

Amongst all the trends that ruled the 90s I have always been a fan of the 90s Grunge, from the high waist distressed jeans, the cropped tops, the graphic tees, the flannels, leather jackets, the doctor martins, choker necklaces, backpacks and the effortless edginess with a cool laid back vibe. Additionally, the sexy tousled hair was a major factor that draws my attention, simply put your hair tools down and let your hair behave as they want to, the bed hair look was never so big as it was back then.

One of the coolest chic of that era who never failed to get my attention was, Winona Ryder. I could say she was my girl crush! With her casual tom boyish dress up, her unique short dark hair and her grunge black ensembles on the red carpet made her one of the most fashion forward celebrity. Additionally, the fact that Johnny Depp was her arm candy for a pretty long time also helped 😉 She was one of the elements that led to the spark of the androgynous fashion in the international scene which has always been fascinating and appealing in its own quirky ways.


Girl Crush :P

Girl Crush 😛



A picture from Reality Bites…


Consequently, today’s lookbook shows a major throwback inspired by the 90s grunge, the high waist ripped denim, the graphic tee, the leather boots and the leather backpack and the makeup and accessories which were staple during this era. The fedora and the classic ray ban aviator adds n instant edge to this ensemble.

If you were a grunge girl back then or you never got a chance to try your hands on them then I’m pretty sure you’re excited about the comeback! So, enjoy experimenting and dress up and carry it with confidence and I know you’re gonna own it! 😉

Happy Monday and will catch you soon with another fashion adventure! XOXO




All black everything!




Sheltered from the rain…




I love ’em black…



High waist ripped denim – Lane 88

Graphic Tee – Gift from a friend

Leather Boots – Thrifted

Leather Backpack – Lane 88

Fedora – Forever 21

Aviator – Ray Ban

Watch – Fossil

Choker Necklace – ANX Nepal


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