Comfort + Style = Pajama pants

Hey lovelies,

Happy Saturday to you and I just can’t express how much I wait for these precious weekends to come around… just so that I can wake up late, have brunch with my family or my girls and do what I love. I usually work on my blog, pour my dreams on a empty canvas frame, or working on my designs all day long, visit a new place with my friends or just do nothing at all and get pampered in my favorite spa. J My day starts late during weekends and since the entire week I have to wear formals (in a perfect world I would never wear them) I just can’t bring myself to wear them during the offs. Hence, I usually end up wearing my favorites; distressed jeans, shorts, jumpsuits or summer dresses during these hot months. Lately, I have been crushing over a darling and it’s none other than the “Pajama pants”.

Who wouldn’t love to lounge around in their comfy night wears all day long without giving a rat’s ass?  I’ve tried it and it feels just like an extended slumber party and the additional bonus is that you look pretty cute wearing these guys. It could probably be one of the hardest trends to pull off without looking like you’re about to hit the sack or just getting out of it and it has the power to make you look like a city girl who’s effortlessly chic or a country bumpkin! So learn the tricks before you go painting the town red wearing these guys.

Pajama dressing is a fashion trend that had taken the runway fashion by storm couple of years back and thankfully they are back again. Amongst the myriad of fashion trends that encourage style and comfort pajama pants pretty much top the list. Not only are they a perfect way to incorporate prints into your ensemble, they also add an instant cool factor not easily attained.

The trick is to look relaxed and laid-back, but not like you just rolled out of bed without showering. You can rock the PJs almost anywhere, as long as it’s a bit more fitted on the top. The other trick to keeping the look day-time appropriate is to add a structured element, like a belt or a blazer and a stacked heel will complete the magic.

This look is all about comfort and ease, with luxe fabrics draped loosely—it’s very bohemian and carefree. So, if you’re “in” to try out these babies then check out my OOTD and post in your queries or simply mail me for further details! Will catch you soon till then take care and have an amazing weekend ❤


Another Brick on the wall… PJs with Denim Cropped top from Zara


Weekends are the time to let your hair down!


OOTD – Pajama pants with Denim cropped top and nude heels!


Check Pajama Pants – Thrifted

Denim cropped top – Zara

Leather bag – H&M

Nude heels – Moda

Watch – Coach

Double gold chain necklace – Mulberry

Feather Dream catcher ear rings – Japan

Silver finger ring – Thrifted ( Thamel)


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