Celebrating this beautiful phenomenon called LIFE!

That moment I thought was the end of my life… it was so freaking surreal I still don’t have the exact words to describe it. Never can I forget the look in my parents’ eyes when our whole world around us began to shake and fall. I have never felt so insignificant and helpless in my entire life! Nature sometimes is a bitch, as it makes you realize simple things in life the hard way and I guess, also makes us more humble beings. It seems that, God was showering some “Tough love” on us… Thousands have lost their lives and loved ones in the recent earthquake and it’s extremely unfortunate and heart breaking. The thought that we could have been amongst those thousands is haunting and eerie!

Now that everything is coming back to normal in our sweet little K- town I feel the ease around and it’s a nice feeling. Back then, our poor city looked like a war zone, a ghost city with scared faces and pain and sadness everywhere. I know it may sound weird but never have I been so happy to be stuck in a “Traffic jam”, that I always hated so much, I somehow related it to be a sign that all people were finally coming back and things were slowly coming back to normal! (talk about desperate times!)

Accordingly, I have come to comprehend the fact that one doesn’t realize the value of something until one is threatened to part from it and I feel that the recent disaster has made us more modest and brought us all together and has made us realize the value of the priceless breath we draw every moment. Waking up in the morning is different post EQ, I feel fortunate and blessed to face a new day no matter how much work I have waiting for me or even if things are not happening as intended. I feel nothing but gratitude and in awe of this amazing phenomenon called life!

The last few weeks has been very difficult and mentally disturbing and I could not bring myself to write for my blog or do anything creative as I couldn’t help but feel frustrated and uninspired. It has been a long gap and I think I am ready to do what I love to do again. It’s crazy but yes that’s the way I’m… when I’m low I feel so extremely low that I could literally dig a hole and go on a hibernation for days or weeks at a stretch! I just can’t feel inspired during such times and sometimes I’m bursting with ideas and the things I want to do are endless, it gets difficult to contain all of it in my little head! Likewise, right now, I feel that we have been given another chance to live our lives(better) and we should value it and appreciate it and do all the things that we have always wanted to do as life is so unpredictable.

Apparently, I know that almost everyone has a “bucket list” but we love to procrastinate and postpone. As a result, those days when we are doing some self reflection and soul searching we realize we still have not ticked off most of them and sometimes it’s just too late! Hence, Go Ahead… don’t make excuses, just join that dance class you have always wanted to join but was too shy or you din’t have enough budget to tap those feet, follow your passion that you have always wanted to pursue but was compelled to bury them under those thick layers of responsibilities and expectations of others and the fear of letting them down, just go for that trip you have always dreamt of going to rather than saving for the future trip which might never materialize, learn the most basic skills you have always known at the back of your head you need to master but were too lazy or occupied to devote some time, just let your parents know you love them and no one can ever take their place and just tell that special someone that you love them, spend some quality time with your family and friends who have always been there for you through thick and thin and also make and effort to sort your minor indifferences and let go of all the unnecessary grudges that you have against each other, as there is so much more to life than these stupid and meaningless abstract negativity. Trust me, letting out all the negativity for others or forgiving people will do wonders for your personal well being and you will attain the ultimate peace of mind and save all the energy that you once used to waste on those negative feelings. Additionally, do some charity work while you are at it as nothing feels better than giving! I don’t like to preach and I’m not just writing these things just for the sake of it. I’ve actually joined or enrolled for most of the classes or skills ( I shall keep you posted about the same) I have always wanted to acquire but like I mentioned earlier, even I have been postponing it for the future and I’m trying my best to be a better and a more positive person! That’s why now I want to live in the present and do things now and not keep it for later as we never know if there is a “later” or not! That’s a mantra I shall follow from now.

I am trying to be more positive and make some good memories and live in the present and not just exist. Likewise, last weekend just to get over the Earth quake trauma I went out to spend some time with my beloved friends. I wore my black denim shorts and a basic grey strings and wore my all time favourite item, yup the kimono as the weather is just so right for that! I felt happy and relaxed after a pretty long time and I thought it was high time I get my blog running again, so we clicked a couple of pictures just for you guys. I hope you like the OOTD and yes again just want to remind you to let go of all the sorrows and celebrate who and what you have in your lives and you will be much happier beings! Will be posting soon, lots of love and blessings!

Getting a moroccan vibe...

Getting a moroccan vibe…



Sucker for Street Art!

Sucker for Street Art!

Awkward!!! Still like it ;)

Awkward!!! Still like it 😉

It was all Yellow!!!

It was all Yellow!!!

Gtg, will catch you later!

Gtg, will catch you later!


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