Sequin Dress – every girl needs some Glitter in their lives (and wardrobe)!

Sparkle Brighter...

Sparkle Brighter…

Hey there,

“Don’t be afraid to sparkle a little brighter” and I mean literally 😉

Sequin outfits have been a rage these past few seasons and are here to stay! I know the festive season is over but you can never go wrong with a little bit of sparkle just keep the accessories minimal. It’s a very bold statement piece to carry and many are pretty skeptical to wear these babes no matter how big the event is. However, your home-girl here loves all that “glitters and shines” and doesn’t think twice before wearing some glitter no matter how sparkly the game might get!

As we all know the most awaited and loved season has arrived and I can’t express my excitement 😀 There is so much you can do in this awesome season and also experiment with so many looks fashion wise. I wanted to kick-start my spring by putting together a look book for those numerous night outs you will be heading to. It’s not chilly anymore and you no longer have to get into an internal conflict with yourself before venturing out in the cold for a night out with your girls. So what better way than to step up our game and sparkle the night away in your pretty sequin dresses? So add some glitz and glam to your wardrobe and enjoy wearing dazzling sequin dresses or just a sequin top if the dress is too OTT for you. You can always include a little edge by adding a leather jacket and it will also keep you warm.

I personally have been on a hunt for the perfect sequin dress since a pretty long time now and I was ecstatic to find one in this gorgeous emerald green which does beautiful things when hit by the lights and has different shades of green waiting to be explored and appreciated. I knew I had to have it as it had my name was written all over. It was just like me with so many different sides and characteristics! Hence, I have put this look together for you girls, I hope you like it and get one of these bad boys just to spice up your Friday nights. I have kept the accessories very minimal and let my natural waves play around as I didn’t want to look “overly done-up”. I wore a peep-toe heels just to add an extra inch and wore my Dark berry lips for the last time with my maroon talons as a farewell to the fall and did my usual cat eyes to polish the look!

If you have any more ideas then feel free to holler back and don’t hesitate to comment or like. Thanks for reading lovelies and I will catch you in the next one till then stay Stylish and be Happy! And don’t forget to “Sparkle with Sass”… XOXO

Emerald Green Sequin Dress

Emerald Green Sequin Dress

Waiting For my Drink...

Waiting For my Drink…

Sequin Dress - We all love a lil' bit of drama, don't we ;)

Sequin Dress – We all love a lil’ bit of drama, don’t we 😉

Every Girl needs a lil' bit of Glitter in their life and wardrobe to step up her game ;)

Every Girl needs a lil’ bit of Glitter in their life and wardrobe to step up her game 😉


Charlotte Russe – Forever Young Store – Rising Mall, Darbarmarg (

Shoes – Posh (Darbarmarg)

Watch – Fossil

Gold Bracelet – Gift


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