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Happy Saturday to everyone and I hope you are making the most of your weekend. My favorite thing to do during a day off is to grab a nice book, tweeze my brow whilst eating an orange and soaking the sun (in the winters)! :/ Weird? Well, that’s why I say every one of us are different and we have our own quirky little habits which are totally inscrutable to others but is a part of who we are! Since I have been indulging a lot in this weird little habit of mine lately I thought I should share my thoughts about reading books.

My weird but favorite time pass

My weird but favorite time pass

Like everything else some people love it and some people doze off even when they get through the first page and I’m amongst the former lot. It is said, “A Reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one” and I totally agree with this quote. Whenever I read a book I find myself so engrossed in the story that I feel like one of the character in the book. It takes me to a new world all together and it feels so real I just can’t convince myself to stop sometimes as it is a larger than life experience. There are so many pros of reading and in spite of so many new inventions introduced by mankind; books are by far the best creations so far.

Appreciate books

Appreciate books

Ignorance is no longer bliss in this world of competition. I personally feel that besides entertaining us and acting as the most constant of friends, they are also the most accessible and wisest of counselors and the most patient of teachers. Books teach us so many things and we widen our horizon of knowledge and wisdom. According to recent studies it has been proved that the lesser we use our brains the lesser is the production of brain cells and gradually the growth of our brains become stagnant. Hence, cultivate the habit of reading and be more self sufficient and try to enjoy reading. If you think reading is boring, you are doing it wrong!

I feel fortunate that I were made to read novels and story books right from a very young age in school and it has become a habit now which has helped me to be who I am today. Old habits die hard and this is one habit that I would always like to stick too J

You can also have a look at my OOTD when I was just lounging around in a garden reading a book that I recently bought. There is nothing better than soaking the sun and reading a good book in the winters. Share your views with me and also give it a thumps up if you like this post. Stay tuned for more and enjoy your weekend ^_^



Soaking the sun

Soaking the sun


Ready to go

I can hardly open my eyes due to the sun rays! Forgot to bring my shades 😦


Floral Prints




Let me just take a break and pose now 😉


Ready to go… I feel tanned already!


Cardigan – Forever New

Floral Jump suit – Express

Tights – Forever 21

Loafers – DS Collection

Bag – Coach

Accessories – Thrifted


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