Dark lips for the fall <3

Dear Readers,

Hope you are enjoying the gradual transition of the season as the barren trees are slowly growing out leaves and florets ready to blossom into beautiful flowers once the spring arrives. With the onset of the month of February we can experience the temperate slightly rising and the sun becoming warmer and the winter chills slowly subsiding. It’s astonishing and breathe taking at the same time to see the wonders of nature taking control and creating such magic. Nothing can be more charming and amazing than nature!

Before the fall is completely over I wanted to feature the lovely lip shades I have been religiously sporting throughout the fall. Even the runway has been dominated by rich reds, feminine berries, and warm neutrals and they’re just as pretty and flattering off the catwalk. There is not a shadow of doubt that primary red is fun, but this rich deep shade with berry undertones is just so perfect for fall and winter, it’s basically begging you to wear it every day until spring.

My personal favorites have been Lancome’s “Pretty Burgundy” and Mac’s “Lingering Kiss”. They are vampy and beautiful and just everything perfect for fall and matches my fashion aesthetic. I am super excited that spring is almost here but I feel miserable that I have to give up my dark lips, but you never know I might as well go against the trends and rock it during spring! This is how much I love my dark lips! 😉

Lancome color design pretty burgundy

Lancome color design “Pretty Burgundy”

lingering kiss

Mac’s “Lingering Kiss”

Loving my dark Lips...

Loving my dark Lips…


All set to go… all nice and cozy in my faux fur!

Girl's night out. One of the many occasions I wore a dark lip!

Girl’s night out. One of the many occasions I wore a dark lip!

Alright guys, thanks for checking out what I had to say and I will be back again with another post soon. Please like, comment share and have a great week ahead ya’all 🙂


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