When the temperature drops to its lowest and I have to attend some important event one of my life saving blessing has always been my fur outer. This has always been my last resort when the temperature is giving me a third degree and I don’t have the luxury of staying warm and wrapped up in my cozy bed! Since, I have been wearing my fur lately and due to my fascination towards this controversial trend; I thought I should feature it in my blog. Hence, I did my research and carried out a photo shoot wearing one of my faux fur jackets couple of weeks back and I have put together this post. I hope you enjoy reading it and gain some knowledge about this wonder piece!

History of Fur:

Animal fur is one of the oldest materials used as covering by the human beings since prehistoric times. It has always remained as a vital piece of clothing in majority of the human civilizations especially in the colder regions due to its durability and superior warmth. The Eskimos of the Arctic relied on fur for most of their clothing, and it also forms a part of traditional RussianScandinavian and Japanese clothing.

Gradually with time it started to be associated with glamour and lavish spending as it ruled the fashion industry for many decades. During the middle ages (c. 500-c. 1500) animal furs were extensively used in Europe to create luxurious coats, jackets, accessories or added as trimmings to add sophistication to an outfit. Both men and women wore fur to display their wealth and importance in the society. Animal such as fox, rabbitminkmuskratbeaverstoat (ermine), ottersable,sealscatsdogscoyoteschinchilla and possum were the sources of these furs.

During the late 1800s, Russian styles had a major fashion influence on the European nations. Cloth coats and dresses were trimmed with fur collars, cuffs, and bands around the hem. Men wore ankle-length coats made of buffalo and beaver, and women wore coats made of Russian sable and Hudson Bay seal. The seal coat was the first fur coat to be worn with the fur on the outside to show off its beauty and texture. This trend, started in 1840, spread throughout Europe and by the mid-nineteenth century had become customary throughout the Western world.

The craze for animal fur soon decreased in the late 20th century due to an increase in environmental awareness and sensitivity towards animals. Animal right activists actively participated to stop the cruelty towards animals as they believed that killing animals for furs were inhumane and brutal.

Rise of Faux fur:

Let’s be honest here, when it comes to fur the real deal always looks more gorgeous than the fake ones but we would literally be supporting cruelty towards animals by promoting them. Hence, it’s best we stick to the faux fur that various companies have been producing. In fact the fur farming has decreased considerably worldwide and designers and clothing brands prefer using faux fur for their collections. Due to the controversy several celebrities and other people who wear fur have switched to fake fur. Designers like Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier and many other designers use faux fur in their designs.

How to Style fur:

Faux Fur nowadays are equally gorgeous looking, durable and warm like the real furs. Thanks to the designers and fashion brands you can find an array of designs and colors in faux fur according to your style. Anything covered in faux fur is considered a luxury item due to its posh and classy appeal. There are numerous ways of styling fur during these cold days no matter where you are heading towards. If you like to dress up more casually then a faux fur vest would be a perfect add on over your sweater, jeans and boots combo just to add a hint of sophistication to your outfit.

If you want something warmer, chunky and lavish you can get yourself a Faux fur Jacket or a Coat. The jacket would be suitable for both casual and a semi formal looks, it all depends on you.  Like faux fur vests, some faux fur jackets also come with hoodies to keep your head and ears warm, in case you don’t like wearing a bonnet or a beanie. Consequently, faux fur coats on the other hand are longer than the jackets and are usually designed to be worn on top of formal dresses and evening gowns in order to keep you warm while navigating the streets when you are going to a formal event. Fur, be it genuine or fake has always been there in the fashion arena and keeps coming back with its new avatar every fall. It is back again on the runway and is influencing the street fashion as well. Due to the availability of the cheaper substitutes of the real fur it has become more accessible to a wider consumer base. A younger, edgier, more fashion forward audience has embraced it and added spin to the whole trend.

International Fashion scene...

International Fashion scene…

How I styled it:

For this post I wore my crisp white fur jacket on top of a body con tribal print dress in order to avoid looking too bulky. Since I love the juxtaposition of hard and soft I wore my suede over the knee boots on top of a transparent polka dotted tights. I kept the makeup minimal and wore my hair down natural with the waves. I wore white ear rings to match the jacket and carried my sky blue coach Tote Bag to tie the look together.

The Controversial Trend of Fur

The Controversial Trend of Fur







Will see you in my next post :) XOXO

Will see you in my next post 🙂 XOXO


I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and I hope you will stop being shy and try this bold look. Just enter your fantasy land and go crazy when styling a fur and wear it as you like it! If you have any queries and suggestions don’t forget to comment and like down below and I will be back with my next post soon.


Faux Fur Jacket – Blue Note (Korea)

Body con Dress – Out of Gas (UK)

Over the knee suede boots – Lane 88

Tote Bag – Coach

White earrings – Gift from my Sister


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