Leopard Print Velvet Blazer for the fall

Hi Guys,

It has been two months now since I have started my blog and I think it’s high time I share some of my creations with you. I really want to share my ideas and views with you and want you to check out some of my art and designs. Hence, I chose to feature one of the first blazer I made (in 2013) in this post and thankfully the outcome was pretty good.

One of the most classic and versatile textile for the fall has always been velvet since ages and I wanted to use that Fabric for my venture. I was fortunate to find one of my all time favorite print (Leopard Print) in a vibrant golden brown shade in velvet and I was elated. The secret of rocking an animal print and looking chic is always going for natural and earthy tones, if you wear an animal print in a “pink” or a “red’, you will end up looking like you’re trying too hard. Accordingly, once I was ready with the fabric and sketched the design I drafted the pattern and got down on all my fours (literally) to cut out the fabric perfectly. All the different parts of the process of making a garment is crucial as one thing leads to the next and being a perfectionist it really takes me a good deal of time to double check my calculations and drafts before I commit to it. Hence, I spent few long nights indulging in what I love to do. Yes, I love creating beautiful things and making garments is one of them. The feeling you get at the end when you see what you have created is simply priceless!

Fashion Illustration: I sketch my designs on paper before I get down to business.

Fashion Illustration: I sketch my designs on paper before I get down to business.

The blazer was ready in a few days and I did a quick photo shoot with my model wearing this luxurious velvet beauty and I styled it with a plain white shirt, simple disco pants and leather booties. I kept the makeup and accessories minimal as the blazer in itself is a statement piece and does not require and external aid to add oomph to the look.

Sumi's Creation :)

Sumi’s Creation 🙂


Statement Piece…


Minimal make up and accessory


Perfect and comfortble for the fall

I rocked this blazer a couple of times myself too, here’s a picture of me wearing it on a Friday night out with my friends at this cool pup call Purple Haze!

Rocking my Design

Rocking my Design

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, don’t forget to comment down below and give a thumbs up if you like it and stay tuned for my next post till then take care and loads of Love ❤


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