DIY ~Jazz up your planner for 2015

Hey Guys,

How was your weekend? Mine was kind of slow unlike other weekends but it was fun. I can really be a grandma at times and stay home for days in a row and surprisingly I enjoy it sometimes. With my busy schedule I really appreciated and enjoyed my leisure time at home lazing around in my cozy PJs and trusty knits. In spite of having my hands full with loads of designs to work on I decided to invest my time on a DIY project! I love to customize and add my signature styles on my belongings and I have been doing DIYs since I can’t even remember!

It’s probable because of the fact that I’m a Virgo I love to plan things before hand. I know its fun to be spontaneous and do things on the spree of the moment but the Virgo in me differs to agree and I’m sure the people who are close to me and know me very well must be nodding vigorously right now 😉 Hence, a Planner is something I HAVE to invest in the beginning of every year. This year my sister gifted me one and the size was perfect and I like the lay out but it was a little too plain for my liking. Hence, I decided to jazz it up a little just like I do to most of my stuff and this weekend was the perfect time as I had decided to devote time to myself and aimlessly indulge in things that I like to do. Yes, I know DIYs  may sound boring to most but I love it and its fun to add your personal touches to things especially if it’s going to be with you 24/7, might as well make it look happy and colorful! ^_^

As a result, I bought a pretty Lokta paper (Nepali paper) in turquoise blue with golden flowers hand painted all over and the rest of the items were with me already. Have a look at the picture below to get an idea of what I used:

Jazz up your planner

Jazz up your planner

I simply covered the plain grey cover of the planner and neatly lined it from inside too in order to give it a neat finish.

Covered in Turquoise blossoms...

Covered in Turquoise blossoms…

Secondly, I added dividers between the pages of the planner in order to keep my notes organized and colorful.

Dividers using the pretty Lokta paper...

Dividers using the pretty Lokta paper…

Thirdly, I made a pocket at the back of the planner to shove in some important notes, bills and cards safely that we usually tend to put in between the pages of our diaries and planners which usually ends up getting lost.

Not hands but notes in my pocket... :p

Not hands but notes in my pocket… :p

I just wanted to share my little DIY project with you guys and please comment and share your ideas with me, I would love to read it. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this short post, I will be back with another soon till then you guys take care and stay warm!


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