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Before I begin I would like to wish a very Happy New Year to each and every one of you and with a kick start of a brand new year I’m sure all of you must be excited and must have a list of P.O.As to follow. I wish all your dreams and wishes come true, just follow your dreams and stay positive. I am super excited and pumped up too and I’m keeping my fingers crossed so that my plans work out this year, wish me luck 🙂

This is my first post for the year 2015 and I have lots of plans stocked up my sleeves, I hope I keep you guys entertained and I pray I can help you with your fashion dilemmas and other issues too.So, please keep your queries and feed backs coming. Since, its winter I wanted to write about an item of clothing which is one of my favorites and is in trend, so read on and enjoy!

The worst part of winter is having to drag yourself out from your warm and heavenly beds every morning! We just feel like lazing around all day long cuddled up in our blankets sipping tea and watching movies or reading a nice book. However, that would happen only in a “Perfect world”, we have worldly businesses to take care of and bills need to be paid. We don’t have a choice but to go out in the chilly weather and chase our dreams as nothing comes easy. Thankfully, this mundane morning battle has high chances of coming to a halt because we can now drag our blankets along with us and still not be considered an out-caste by the fashion police. This is due to the fact that the “Blanket Trend” has become one of the season’s “It” items, which gives a touch of boho in your style and keeps you warm in the cold winter days! Who wouldn’t love to be wrapped up all day long in their cozy blankets and still look chic?

Wearing a blanket certainly sounds appealing, but has never been flattering, much less practical. Until now! Inspired by traditional pieces of clothing that were worn by people of Central and South America and also of Asia this trend has been sashaying down many runway shows recently and has become the trendiest piece of outer wear this fall. The most successful amongst these was that of the Burberry Fall 2014 Collection, where models strut down the catwalk draped in personalized blanket coats complete with a signature tartan and monogramming. This collection was able to make a huge impact on the fashion scene all over the world and there were many who were seen trying to copy Cara Delevingne, who is the latest muse of Burberry.

Cara Delevingne-monogrammed-burberry-poncho-initials

Cara Delevingne-monogrammed-burberry-poncho-initials


Burberry Prorsum’s Fall/Winter 2014 show

Since their debut at Burberry Prorsum’s Fall/Winter 2014 show, celebrities and fashionistas have been sporting them religiously. Some examples are Sarah Jessica Parker, Olivia Palermo and Rosie Huntington Whitely.

Celebs sporting Burberry Prorsum’s Fall Blanket coat

Celebs sporting Burberry Prorsum’s Fall Blanket coat

These darlings are definitely cozy and comfy but it may not be the easiest trend to pull off and you might end up looking like a homeless hippy. But don’t fret just have a look at some of the fashionistas below and get inspired. If you understand the tricks of the trade this piece has the potential to look very classy and chic. You can either wear it over a casual outfit like a pair of worn out denims or layer it over a dressier outfit just experiment and have fun with it. The following are some interesting stylized versions of the blankets that covered the street style fashion, and gave a new dimension-a bold but highly convenient and useful…


chanel pre-fall 2014 (2)

Chanel pre-fall 2014

FallWinter 2014-14 Fashion Weeks at at Burberry Prorsum, Roberto Cavalli and Etro fashion shows

FallWinter 2014-14 Fashion Weeks at at Burberry Prorsum, Roberto Cavalli and Etro fashion shows

Blanket coats for men

Blanket coats for men

Street Style

Street Style

burberry, blue and green blanket coat

Burberry, blue and green blanket coat



the blanket

Fw13 fashion weeks – the freezing streets of Milan and Paris were covered in Kenzo and Vuitton blankets.

Blanket coat 70s asos

Blanket coat 70s asos

I personally have been a great fan of this item even before the trend was born as I love the effortless boho-chic look and it’s just too comfortable and snug to just wear indoors. In fact this piece of clothing has been very popular in the Nepali culture, and has existed as one of the major piece of clothing since ancient times. My beloved mother has been kind enough to pass on some really vintage and timeless pieces to me and it’s been growing on me since a very young age. I never thought it would have such a major fashion moment! Hence, I just had to share my love for this trend with you guys so that you could also rock these cozy flattering pieces this fall! I decided to keep it simple and minimal and snuggled into my warm and pretty blanket with a pair of black leather pants and black cropped top and black boots. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I hope it has given you an additional idea for an OOTD when you’re confused what to wear next time! You can copy any of these looks or simply create your own style and add your own flavor to it as I always say “Fashion has no rules, just follow your heart and have fun playing dress-up” 😉



Blanket coat…



Wrapped up in cozy Blanket coat…



Enjoying the winter sun in my cozy wraps…






Chit chat 🙂




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