Be a DREAMER but also a DOER…

Dear Friends,

Thank you for wandering into my wonderland yet again and I’m more than happy to welcome you with my open arms! Exactly one and a half months ago around this time at midnight I was contemplating with the thoughts of starting my long awaited blog and here I am pouring out my feelings again.

“Be a DREAMER but also a DOER” is a quote I came up with and something I strongly believe in. It’s good to DREAM but it’s crucial to DO because until and unless you chase your dreams and do what you have to do, your dreams will only remain in the figments of your imagination. So don’t make excuses and don’t get too comfortable in your small cubicles and with the fat checks these unfulfilling jobs are paying you at the expense of killing your happiness and your dreams slowly. But if you are among the lucky few who have found their dream jobs then Congratulations! For the rest of you there is no “Dream job” so stop hunting you need to create one yourself.

Apparently, most of us no matter how confident we appear from the outside, have our own insecurities and internal demons, I felt the same way all these years and I intend to differ now and follow my dreams and promote myself! Starting this blog is one of the many steps I m taking towards achieving my goals, when I started this journey I had made up my mind to fight my inner fears and focus on what I want to do rather than running away from the fear of the unknown.

I am not sure if I am the only “prodigy’ around here whose mind seems to work wonders only at night! Seriously, ideas and thoughts come flooding into my head at night and I can hardly convince myself to get some sleep, hence, I usually work at night. I love the silence, the occasional “pitter-patter” of the rain and the sounds of the insects outside and the fact that you know you have the whole night to yourself to write your thoughts away or simply create some random piece of art is very exciting and invincible indeed. Consequently, I have been writing my posts and working on my art at night and I am happy with the decision I made by starting something that I had been procrastinating for too long. This is just the beginning and I m super excited to share my journey with you guys and I am sure I will keep you hooked. 😉

If you have been following my blog you must have noticed that it’s been mostly about fashion and style. However, like I had promised in the beginning I would also be writing about other issues because there are so many other important things in life that one simply can’t ignore. So what better time than the auspicious time of Christmas to start! I have also decided to step up the game a little, due to an overwhelming response and support you guys have been showering on me since the beginning I have decided to post at least twice a week rather than just once. Thank you so much for your love and here’s a shout out to all of you out there who intentionally or unintentionally wander into my Wonderland time and again and I will never let you guys down. So, do keep the love coming and don’t forget to post your comments and feedbacks. Till then stay true to yourself, follow your dreams and Merry Christmas!

_MG_9679 (3)

Be a DREAMER but also a DOER…


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