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Finally it’s Friday and I just couldn’t wait to share my latest post. Keeping in mind my personal style and the fashion rage this season I decided to write about this gorgeous piece that is having a major fashion moment right now!

Fashion and style is not only about looking good, it should be the perfect balance between LOOKING good and FEELING good and the garment I have chosen to feature this week is the perfect amalgamation of both. The women of this 21st century seem to be ravenous when it comes to fashion and hence they keep creating new looks or recreating old ones in such a way that it looks so damn chic and fashionable and theses pieces somehow paves it’s path towards the runway as the latest trend!

The female appetite for fashion keeps growing every year and this insatiable thirst for new trends just doesn’t let the fashionistas live in peace. So in this quest of recreating looks and revamping old pieces of garments our fashion squad have come across something really unexpected yet perfect. I personally find it hilarious because “we” women have already ransacked almost everyone of our family members’ closet (our mom’s, grandma’s, dad’s, brother’s and also our boy friend’s closet). When we realized that there was nothing else left to be exploited in these closets we decided to raid our Grandpa’s closet and that’s when we came across these big, cozy woven knits! I am (along with a million other girls)currently obsessing over these fabulous knits and wear it a lot because it’s super comfy, warm and has a charming vintage touch to it. It’s not an outfit that screams “femme fatale” but it’s cute and charming none the less and perfect for those chilly wintry days and nights.

Grandpas are getting a lot of attention right now ‘cause everyone is eyeing their “Oh so lovely sweaters”. These sweaters which are now called the “Grandpa Sweaters” are usually colorful and equipped with functional features such as buttons and pockets perfect to carry all our girly tit-bits or to snuggle our hands inside when it’s freezing.

The grandpa sweater is warming up to become one of winter’s biggest trends. This fashion favorite isn’t for grandpas anymore. Inspired by the likes of Mr. Rogers and the demand for chunky knits and over-sized sweaters this trend is not only comfy but also helps us create an effortlessly layered look. It’s best to pair it over a tight silhouette like a legging and a fitted top or a skinny jeans and a tight tank top. You could put on more layers underneath these fabulous knits depending on the temperate of your area.

If you’re a fan of the “boho-slouchy” look and crave for something whimsical and cute then the grandpa sweater and cardigan are the perfect pieces for you this fall. You can also make it work appropriate if you really miss these darlings in those unforgiving freezing cubicles, just throw it over a dress or your usual fitted formal pants and fitted shirt. Don’t worry and don’t give up your warm comforters just because you’re not sure how to style it, the secret lies in what you team it up with so try to keep the rest of the garments fitted so that you don’t end up looking like an old cozy English couch!

Even the men have embraced the Grandpa sweaters with full force and we see them rocking the look on the runway, on the streets and indoors. Who doesn’t love to swaddle up in a chunky warm sweater? Be it in the office or during the weekends the men have been sporting this look faithfully. They choose not to shy away from this wonder piece because whether they want to look sharp at work or stylish when they are out this garment has got their back and they’ve created a strong bond already! If you’re not very sure how to style them then take some inspiration from below.

Men rocking their Grandpa sweaters and cardigans...

Men rocking their Grandpa sweaters and cardigans…

A lot of celebrities are also feeling the love for these Grandpas and have been spotted by the mob, take a look below.

Celebs are also feeling the love for these Grandpas...

Celebs are also feeling the love for these Grandpas…

A grandpa cardigan look from Saint Laurent’s fall 2013 Paris Fashion Week show, which mimics the ones once worn by Kurt Cobain.  



WARM AND FUZZY A cardigan look from Saint Laurent's fall 2013 Paris Fashion Week show, which mimics the ones once worn by Kurt Cobain.

A Grandpa cardigan look from Saint Laurent’s fall 2013 Paris Fashion Week show, which mimics the ones once worn by Kurt Cobain.

For my ladies I have put together a few smashing looks starring these babies. So don’t hesitate to try out these looks this fall.

Grandpa sweater looks for the girls...

Grandpa sweater looks for the girls…

My version of this legendary knits can be seen in the pictures we recently clicked just for you guys. My mom got this beautiful vintage looking knits from her recent trip to the U.S and the moment I saw it, it was “love at first sight”! The vintage clasps, the classic prints, the oversized fit and the soft cashmere feel got the best of me. In spite of the falling temperature I wore my black denim hipster shorts but I wore an over the knee socks to keep the chills at bay and stepped into my trusty old leather boots. I wore a beige colored top underneath to create a base and polished the look with some fabulous accessories. If you’re someone who feels extra cold then you can add tights underneath the socks or you can simply wear skinny jeans. But if you’re someone who likes to stand out and is keen on trying something more daring and unique then stick to my look!

Vintage grandpa cardigan

Vintage grandpa cardigan

Boho-chic Grandpa sweater...

Boho-chic Grandpa sweater…



The right accessories pumps up your look!

Happiness is being wrapped up in your cozy knits and sipping hot tea during the cold winter months... :)

Happiness is being wrapped up in your cozy knits and sipping hot tea during the cold winter months… 🙂

That’s it for now, I hope you enjoyed reading and thanks for stopping by. If you have any queries or have any suggestions fell free to comment down below. I will be back with yet another kick-ass post soon, until then you guys take care, keep smiling and Happy Weekend!


Grandpa Sweater/Cardigan – Vintage

Beige and gold top – Old Navy

Hipster Shorts – Nun

Leather bootie

Watch – Fossil

Accessories – Turquoise ear rings, Turquoise Neck piece, turquoise Finger ring, vintage white rose finger ring and Gold bracelet (Some bought in stores and some thrifted)


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