Whenever we think about comfortable and cozy lounge wear, the first thing that pops in our head is the charming knits which are universally known as the “Sweater”. There is no age bar for sporting this lovely garment; we can see it being worn by toddlers to oldsters and everyone in between. It’s the one thing both men and women feel comfortable in and not to mention it is one piece that can be worn anywhere and everywhere, you name it! You can lounge around in your cozy oversized sweaters at home on a lazy Sunday morning or you can also wear one to work. It could act as a perfect piece for the “first date” you’ve been looking forward for or it could act as a shield to a cover your sexy loud club attire once you hit the road on a girl’s nighgt out! This quintessential piece for staying stylishly warm during these ice-glazed months now comes in many styles, colors and prints offering a wide range of choice to the sweater fanatics who religiously make it a point to stack up their wardrobe with these fuzzy kittens every fall!

This garment is usually knitted or crocheted and has been worn for about 2000 years. During the 15th century these knits were produced as tunics in the English Channel islands of Guernsey and Jersey, hence deriving the name of Jersey.  These knitted wears were made by the wives of the fishermen and sailors from natural wool, which by retaining its oil protected against the cold even when damp. Gradually the demand for jersey increased on an astounding level throughout Europe among the workingmen.

Although this wonder wear has been in the human civilization since time immemorial it only entered the fashion industry in 1920s when designers such as Jeanne Lanvin and Gabrielle (“Coco”) Chanel introduced sweaters into their collections. After that there has been no looking back as the demand for these knits has been soaring higher and higher in both the fashion industry as well as in every household.

It’s mid December and people in the northern hemisphere are bundling up with sweaters and gloves and stocking up on winter essentials as the temperature is falling consistently. Hence, I thought I could give you some ideas on styling these staple knits. Just because the weather is going bonkers does not mean you can’t look chic! For me Sweaters are a staple piece and this is one thing that can be layered with anything to keep your body warm simultaneously keeping up with your style quotient. I am not a winter person and sometimes it gets so bad I tend to hit the “winter doldrums” and there is no easy way out once you’re caught in its trap. However, I choose to look at the brighter side of everything and I derive that satisfaction or comfort from the fact that I get to play “winter dress up”! Not that I’m a materialistic person I honestly think that’s the only good thing about winter besides the holidays and the celebrations (that too only lasts for the first half of the winter). Dressing up for winter and layering is so much fun and brings out a whole new side of you. Hence I have put a couple of looks together for you so that you can get some tips or you could give me some tips too!

For the first look which is very simple yet classy I have worked around a gorgeous oversized white woolen turtle neck which has a very charming and wintry vibe to it. I have teamed this beauty with a fitted black leather pants, my trusty old leather booties and to tie the whole look together I carried a Coach carryall in white leather and cane. I styled it with my usual ready to go messy hair bun and just to add a little “bling” I wore my elegant Fossil watch and gold bracelet. This is my first look for the “SWEATER~WEATHER” and I have more looks up my sleeve so stay tuned for more. Till then take care guys and put on your knits and work it as “Every day is a Fashion show and the world is your runway!







Shine on me…



Cozy knits…



Tired…. :p



Sweater – oversized white woolen turtle neck

Lane 88 – Leater Pants

Bag – Coach

Accessories and watch – Fossil

Shoes – Leather Booties


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