My biggest fashion crush this year is “the Kimono” and I have been rocking it to the fullest! Before you curse me for updating a post on Kimonos in the beginning of winter please hear me out. I’m such a huge fan of this piece of attire that I couldn’t stop myself from featuring it in my blog before it gets chillier. On the positive note you can still wear them at indoor parties this fall or you can also get Kimonos in thicker fabrics (which I shall be featuring soon).

This sexy cover up is not a new kid on the block and has been here since the 8th century. It is originally a traditional Japanese attire and the word Kimono literally means ‘thing to wear”. This T-shaped, straight-lined robes when worn is long and the hem falls to the ankle, with attached collars and long, wide sleeves Kimono are wrapped around the body, always with the left side over the right (except when dressing the dead for burial) and secured by a sash called an obi, which is tied at the back. Kimono is generally worn with traditional footwear and split-toe socks. This gorgeous attire is traditionally made of silk and silk brocade and is worn by both the sexes but mostly by women. The ones made of cotton fabric are called “Yukata” and is cheaper and mostly worn during the summer months.

Japanese Kimoni

Japanese Kimoni

The 21st century has experienced a major “kimono renaissance”. With the fashion of the east meeting that of the west it gave birth to the elegant kimonos in modern fabrics, prints and designs. There is a versatile range of this pretty cover-up you can choose from today. You can go for a sheer flowy fabric or tassle trims and you can also find edgy prints and designs the choice is all yours. Kimono has become one of the most-demanded wrap and if you are the girl who wants to look sexy but is skeptical about showing skin then this is the best bargain for you.

If you are a summer baby then you can casually layer it over denim shorts and a cropped top and furthermore if you live around the beach then nothing can beat the Kimono as a perfect cover over your Bikini once you are done playing the mermaid! If you’re a wild-child and your idea of fun is concerts and music festivals then you can sport these lovelies especially the ones with the tassle and end up looking like a “Rockstar”. In fact you might feel like one, ‘cause Girl! All eyes are gonna be on you 😉

However, if you’re a girly girl and prefer quite dinners with close friends and mostly dedicate weekends to family gatherings then also you can wear this staple piece and look like a diva! Just put it over your “Little Black Dress” and instantly transform a boring outfit to an original and classy ensemble.

Don’t feel left out if you don’t fit in any of the above mentioned categories as your life revolves around your workplace and “YOU” are the definition of the word “workaholic”. Your Kimono can be a better and a more fun alternative to the grey structured boring blazers. Just be sure not to go over the top with the prints and keep the rest of the clothing neatly tailored. Just because majority of your time is consumed by your work does not mean you can’t be a fashionista, so be a workaholic in style!

Although fall is here we can still make the most of this hippie yet classy attire. It’s perfect to be worn on a breezy day and since the concept of layering is the key to master the winter fashion, Kimono can be your most staple piece in your wardrobe. Just make sure to get it in thicker fabrics that will ward off the chills at the same time making you look chic. Due to the oversized nature of this garment, you will have to keep the bottom half tailored and well fitted in order to avoid looking boxy. Looking good is all about proportions, hence, you should know how to balance out your frame. Be acquainted with your body type and be your own stylist because no one understands your body better than you! Hence, love your body and enjoy this fashion steal by incorporating it in your daily looks.

Apparently, Kimono has a major demand for the indoors as well. A lot of women like to wear it as a robe over their sleepwear which looks luxurious and sultry. So grab one if you’re planning a vacation with your boo and intend to look stunning 24X7.

Have a look at the outfits I have put together for you guys, I hope you like it 🙂

I hope my tips have inspired you and if you still have any queries feel free to comment below and I will get back to you. So until next time stay chic and love yourself and enjoy lounging around in this Oriental beauty!

Kimono with shorts and booties!

Kimono with shorts and booties!







Kimono  (black) – Lane 88

Cropped top – Lane 88

Kimono (pink) – Chic Happens

Leather Booties

High waist shorts – Forever 21

Bag – Michael Kors

Watch – Michael Kors

Gold choker neck piece and Gold Bracelet – Forever 21


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