Leather “Badass” Jacket

One can never go wrong with a “Leather Jacket”! It’s a bold statement piece that can transform any boring outfit to super sexy, chic and badass! So whenever you’re in doubt just shrug into your trusty old leather jacket to get the “instant sass” and get into the groove. You may team it with a cocktail dress or a pair of distressed denims, a graphic T or anything in your wardrobe and I bet it will add a sexy edge to your outfit! For men Biker or bomber, however you style it, the leather jacket remains a cool classic forever.

Leather has been a major form of clothing in the human civilization since time immemorial. Since the early Stone Age humans have been sporting this material as a form of covering due to its protective nature and durability. In the early 20th century brown leather flight jackets were worn by aviators and the military to protect them from extreme climatic conditions. It was later in the 20th century that it achieved an iconic status as it was popularized by various stars of Hollywood like the legendary Jimmy Stewart in Night Passage in 1957 and Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones.


I personally can live in my leather jackets! I wear it so often that it has beautifully molded to my body shape and has almost become my second skin now. I have teamed it with everything possible and it’s able to maintain its charm no matter what junk I’m wearing underneath! 😉

I have posted a few pictures of my good old leather jackets below, you can style it the way I have or just go with what you’re comfortable with. Both of my babies are from Zara and if you’re a sucker for good quality than I think it’s got a lot to offer. They are reasonably priced as well and personally it has been the biggest bang for my buck till now!

A Leather Jacket is a timeless fashion item that finds a place both in the wardrobes of stylish men and women! So cheers if you’re one of them!



Color my Life!














Catch you later!

Thanks for reading! 🙂


Leather Jackets – Zara http://www.zara.com/us/en/woman/outerwear/trf/biker-jacket-c431506p1738073.html

Plaid Studded Wool Skirt – Forever 21

Stalkings – Forever 21

Shoes – Zara Basics

Watch – Michael Kors

Denim – Lane 88

Graphic T – Pink Floyd (bagged it in a street market in Bangkok)

Bag – Atmosphere

Accessories – Kiam collection


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