Plaid is the fashion trend that refuses to go away and is here to stay for long! Especially with the fall at its height right now the crazy is getting higher.  This classic print has got its own charm and appeal to it and no matter what your style is, you just can’t say “No” to Plaid. I bet even you have a couple of plaid favorites stocked up in your wardrobe for this fall!

You can dress it up and dress it down according to where you’re heading. Plaid it not only meant for casual street fashion but it has a high demand even in office wear. You can wear a stunning plaid blazer, or a pair of well tailored plaid trousers or also a plaid pencil skirt which is definitely going to spice up your boring board room meetings!

The craze for plaid is even higher when we go out in the streets. A plaid flannel shirt in like the “one holy grail” item every fashionable girl owns. These babies when tied around the waist pumps up the outfit when paired with the right items and gives a vibe of a laid-back cool girl image.

The question is who doesn’t love plaid? Even men will agree on this one with their counterparts from Venus! The obsession for tartan and plaid is at equal level in the Mars community too. “Men who don’t wear patterns or colour wear tartan,” says Jeffrey Banks, co-author of Tartan: Romancing the Plaid and executive board member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America.


In fact, the men’s love for tartan dates back to the 16th century. The origins of plaid prove much more notorious. First manufactured as tartan, Scottish rebels of the 16th century sported checked kilts as a sign of resistance against the empire. Once the 37-year ban on tartan was lifted, American factories began mass-producing what was renamed plaid prior to the Civil War.


This print paved its way into high fashion through the “90s grunge-rock” movement. Many designers like Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood are admirers of this beautiful pattern and has embraced it in their collections. Check out these pictures straight from the runway to inspire and guide you to style your plaid pieces.

“Highland Rape”

Highland rape – Alexander McQueen Fall ’95 collection

Milly F/W 2013, Saint Laurent F/W 2013, Celine F/W 2013

Milly F/W 2013, Saint Laurent F/W 2013, Celine F/W 2013


Being a major fan of this cross-hatched pattern I got myself this luxurious woven wool plaid fabric straight from Scotland. I designed this simple basic blazer for myself just to look chic this fall. I had a difficult time making the pattern and sewing the pieces together which cost me a few sleepless nights and a minor back pain (I am sure designers or people who sew their own clothes understand what I am talking about). However, it was definitely worth it and I m really digging these babies right now. It’s a classic print that will never go out of style and a print all of us can relate to. Check out the picture I have put together for you and if you have any queries feel free to holler back. Till then enjoy this fall getting Mad for plaid!


First sketched my design as an illustration before I got started

The figment of my imagination finally comes to life!

The figment of my imagination finally comes to life!



Plaid blazer for the fall



And once its gets too hot in there take it off and hit the dance floor! ;)

And once its gets too hot in there take it off and hit the dance floor! 😉

Thank you so much for reading!


Plaid blazer – Sumi G (My design and creation)

Shoes – Studded Leather Clogs – White Mt.

Trousers – Pants with leather panel at the side – Lane 88

Stripped Cropped top


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