It’s mid night and as usual I am still stuck with my laptop doing my research, working on some things and occasionally popping to see what’s cooking in FB and twitter! That’s when I had this strong urge to start my blog which I was meaning to since ages, so here I am sharing my experiences and opinions with the world. I just hope it’s worth reading 😉

The reason I have named my blog “Sumi in Wonderland” is simply because this world in itself is a “wonderland” full of surprises and magical charm! It’s amusing and beautiful but unfortunately at the same time has a darker side as well. I am an artist and I would like to show a different side of this world from my view. Anything and everything related to life, fashion, beauty (inside – out), love, career, art and many more… Take it as it comes! In addition, I will also be featuring some of my designs as I am a Fashion Designer and I would love to share my designs and ideas with you so stay tuned and enjoy this ride with me!

So before I begin just wanted to share something that I really believe in; you need to have faith in yourself and believe in your dream because if you work towards your dream it will always come true. Just like how the saying goes, “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen” so all the best and happy reading!


11 thoughts on “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF…

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    • It makes me happy that I can inspire someone ^_^ and I promise to keep you going further. All the best for your blog, lets keep up the good work and lets not regret not doing something that we are good when we get old! So way to go girl!


  2. So finally after some eye candy..Reading was also fun and educative. PLAID HISTORY 101.. it had to be the Scotts!! . Nice Blog and do keep updating the wonderland,,, maybe I too can inspire myself to open my own blog and I can also see the name going like…wait for it…………………”Yolmo’s Wa$teland” !! ..haha, has a nice rotten ring to it.. 😛
    Sumi keep on doing what you do best and hope to see more and more…..

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    • Thank you so much for liking it and you can start your own blog too, the name sounds cool. And yes I intend to keep posting at least once a week. So stay tuned and all the best for you blog 😉


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